Massage Chairs For Back Pain relief

Do yousuffer from back pain? Back pain is now so prevalent that studies are showing 8 out 10 people suffer or will suffer from back pain. We use our bodies in many different ways from light duty to heavy duty. Light duty could be staring over the computer for a few hours and then our neck and shoulders ache. Heavy duty could be unloading heavy boxes or packages which may concentrate soreness in the lower back. Getting relief is important to reduce pain and help healing. A good massage can help provide the relief that you are looking for.

Although, it is always good to get a massage from a licensed therapist, it is not always practical or convenient. 해운대출장 A new alternative is a massage chair. These robotic chairs continue to keep pace with technological change and innovation. Now, there is a whole array of massage therapies available in these massage recliners. The premier massage chair brands are Panasonic, Omega, Sanyo and Human Touch. These companies offer therapeutic massage therapy for effective relief.

The Panasonic massage chair offers the shiatsu massage. The shiatsu massage originated in Japan and has now been recreated in the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra EP30004 massage chair. The shiatsu massage uses kneading, chopping massage and pressure points to stimulate whole body relaxation.

The Omega massage chair has a lower body traction system. The Montage Premier Massage chair will literally stretch you out. The footrest of the Montage Premier holds your feet and raises horizontal. Next, the footrest will lower down to 3 positions gently decompressing your lower back and extending your legs. This is a wonderful feature to increase your flexibility and range of motion.

The Sanyo massage chair has special rollers for the neck and shoulders. The HEC-DR7700K is equipped with Sanyo’s GK roller system. These rollers reach out and touch you. These specially designed rollers have that knead and grasp. The GK rollers of the DR7700K provide a soothing massage for the neck and shoulders relieving aches, pains and soreness.

The Human Touch massage chair has an effective compression massage. The Human Touch HT-1650 massage chair offers its exclusive compression massage. The compression massage of the HT-1650 feels like the firm hands of a massage therapist. This massage compresses your muscles in and around your spine, helping to improve posture and flexibility.

If you have back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain, you owe it to yourself to check out the options for relieving these conditions. Many people think that massage recliners are luxury items, but the best massage chairs deliver effective relief. These recliners offer many massage therapies in the convenience of your own home. What is the price of obtaining effective relief?

There are two factors to getting and effective massage therapy. The massage therapy must target the areas that need relief. The second is to get massage therapy on a periodic basis. Massage is most effective, like diet and exercise, if it is done with recurring frequency. The build up of stress whether mental or physical is always present. Measures to counteract building stress must also be continuous. Like all heath related issues, the best course of action is one of sustained action, not one time events. For these reasons, a shiatsu recliner may be your best option to get the back pain relief you are seeking. Going on a vacation can prove to be very expensive if you do not do proper research work. In addition to the expenses, there is a lot of stress while traveling and boring atmosphere around you can make the journey hell but all will end up when you take the services of Altamonte Springs massage. Massage therapy improves our health through the muscles and soft tissues of our body. Massage not only helps us to feel relaxed and ease out tension but it also reduces our muscle spasms. Everyone, from an infant to older adults can be benefited from massage. Moreover, if you do not wish to travel they can travel just to provide you a proper massage session with utmost satisfaction. Yes, they come to you. You just need to fix an appointment and they will come to you the same day. An example of such a company is Select Massage Inc. and what more you can also send gifts certificates, you just need to design it preview it and then send the gift certificate instantly.

Altamonte Springs Massage is on top because of perfection of various massages. You can get a one-hour minimum massage that is specially designed and very comfortable. This is called chair massage. The chair effectively provides the treatment for the back, shoulders, neck, head and arms at a price of $60 for the first hour and $55 for subsequent hours. This facility can be availed at Integrity massage. You will be satisfied if you opt for the ultimate massage that will last for one hour and thirty minutes. In this massage, the focus is overall body since there is plenty of time. This will come to you at cost of $95.

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